• Education & Training

    Workplace Solutions, Inc. recognizes that successful organizations continually strive to improve and develop human potential. The following partial list of seminars is aimed at all levels in the workplace and can be customized to fit specific organizational needs.

    The Leadership Series

    In most organizations the key to effective utilization of your human resources is a well-trained cadre of managers and supervisors. The Leadership Series allows your managers and supervisors to enhance their overall effectiveness. It also gives new supervisors a chance to role play and practice new skills in a controlled setting. The series consists of the following seminars:


    • The Role of Leadership
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Positive Coaching and Feedback
    • Getting the Results
    • Meeting Management and Facilitation
    • Diversity Awareness (includes legal update)

    "What Style is It?"

    In today's workplace diversity means much more than race and gender. All of us come to work with a specific way in which we process information. This seminar examines how personal style can often be misinterpreted and is a barrier to elements of Team Dynamics. Participants will be introduced to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® or The DiSC as a tools that can identify individual preferences regarding their own style. In addition, participants will discover the characteristics of each style.


    All training seminars are geared for four-hour segments and can be customized to fit specific organizational needs. Workplace Solutions, Inc. can also design and develop seminars upon request.

    Change as Your Partner

    In today's work environment the word change has become a constant. In this seminar we discuss the many facets of change (personal, organizational) in order to give participants some additional skills at using change as an opportunity for further growth.

    Conflict Resolution

    When people can't get along it can have a devastating effect on the performance of teams and workgroups. Conflict that is unresolved can lead to other group breakdowns. In this seminar we explore the reasons for conflict and effective ways to resolve individual and group breakdowns.

    Communication Plus

    Crossed arms, hands on hips, the silent scowl, the full-faced smile are all part of a persons communication tool kit. In this seminar we examine the basic theories of effective interaction that pertain to communication and provide the participants a chance to practice and explore their own communication style.

    The Elements of Team Dynamics

    Many organizations have turned to the team approach as a way to work more efficiently and effectively. What needs to be understood is that members of teams need to learn what being a team member is all about. In this seminar we explore the stages of team development and tools that make for better team integration.